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If you’ve got a roofing problem, roof repair south dublin is the solution. Most repair jobs are completed in just one day,  Plus, you get a guarantee with all our work and excellent customer service, So you never have to worry about your roof again

Roofing Contractors Dublin are operating in Dublin and have been since 1989.

We serve both as commercial roofers and domestic roofing builders for homeowners and business interests. We always strive to achieve customer satisfaction in all our projects. We operate a standards based Roof Repairs Company based in Dublin.

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Choose Us over any other Roofing Contractor in Dublin. With years of experience behind us, and we have served hundreds of households and businesses, which have expressed extreme satisfaction in our work. We offer the best roofing services in Dublin area using superior and durable products, and all our roofing products are standards approved in Ireland.

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Garage Roof Costs

Get the Best Price to Repair or Replace your Garage Roof Need to find out how much a new garage roof will cost? In this article we breakdown garage roof prices by material and we look at the cost of hiring a specialist to replace and install a new garage roof. Average Cost of Replacing …

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Recommended Roofing Dublin

Read our Guide To Roofers in Dublin 6. Roofs are arguably the most significant areas of our homes and properties. Try and imagine a life with no roofs; buildings would practically be inhabitable. Roofs take all the beating from hail, showers, snow and other elements of the weather condition while we stay underneath them warm …

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Roofing Repairs Dublin 5

Heavy rain can leave lasting damage on a roof in need of roof repairs. This can be caused by many things; Storm damage from the hail, tree damage due to falling limbs, or even the damage by people walking your roof. Not to mention loose worn out slate, cracked or sun damaged tiles, the list …

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We are Local Professional Roofers in Dublin

We make use of the latest construction equipment and technology in our work. Our experts are highly trained and have long years of experience in the industry. Roofers Dublin offer impeccable customer service and work. We believe that the client knows best, and we will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your roof is constructed or repaired to your specifications while offering advice to make it even better.

We are the best roofers in dublin, always at affordable prices.

Roofing Service Costs average prices.

House-Re-Roofing in Dublin 4Chimney Repairs A commonly repair with chimneys is leading, particularly on two-storey homes. The cost will be around €300 to €400 more expensive, meaning a typical cost to replace the lead flashing on a chimney will be around €800.

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Garage Flat Roof RennovationThe most common material is bitumen or asphalt is used on flat roofs and a flat roofer will need to repair any cracks caused by drainage issues. To seal cracks on a flat roof, the cost can be approximately €600 to €1,000. Read more at Flat Roof Repairs Costs

Fibreglass flat roofing installation in DublinFibreglass flat roofing, is durable, beautiful and long lasting. It can be inflexible and is not suitable for some situations, but advances in materials in recent years have made fibreglass roofing more reliable and very durable.  Costs are around €70 per sq m on domestic-sized roofs and should be able to last for about 15-20 years. Read more about Fibreglass roofing

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