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Today, property owners in Dublin frequently request durable fibreglass roofs. Our company installs this type of roof for customers. We also offer skilled fibreglass roof leak repairs.

Our service area extends across Dublin and outlying enclaves. We welcome the opportunity to chat with you about fibreglass roofing products and our roofing services!

Why Fibreglass Roof Replacement Enjoys Popularity in Ireland

Manufacturers produce tough fibreglass roofing materials in a great selection of stylish colours and sizes. These products offer an affordable solution for numerous property owners in the Greater Dublin Area. With our community’s close proximity to the Irish Sea, we sometimes sustain challenging weather in this part of Ireland. Fibreglass roofing products potentially endure for three decades (or longer). These low maintenance roofing panels contribute to the beauty of building exteriors. They resist colour fading and other forms of damage well.

Whether customers seek complete fibreglass roof replacment or repairs, they appreciate our excellent roofing services. Anyone searching online for “fibreglass roofing Dublin” will want to consider requesting a free estimate from our local business. We possess extensive experience performing roofing construction projects in Dublin using fibreglass roofing materials.

Use a Dependable, Full-Service Roofing Company in Dublin

flat-Roofing Merchants Quay South DublinIn addition to our expertise in this field, our family owned local firm offers some other important advantages. First, we install and repair a variety of different types of roofs in Dublin for customers. Ask us to repair or install a flat roof, for example. We also fix damaged chimneys and install fascia, soffits, and gutter systems.

Second, our firm undertakes both standard roofing projects and emergency roof repairs. We frequently assist customers on short notice. This flexibility greatly helps customers seeking to limit the extent of losses caused by leaky roofs. Our team of roofers takes pride in installing and repairing lovely fibreglass roofing.

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We offer free estimates upon request. Call us today to commission fibreglass roof leak repairs or a complete fibreglass roof replacement. Our firm serves property owners across the Greater Dublin Area. We look forward to helping customers by creating secure, attractive roofs with the assistance of long lasting, water-resistant fibreglass products!

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