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Roofers Dublin where we specialise in flat roofs and have the building and repairing of flat roofing systems for over 30 years. In our time we have worked with every single flat roofing material on the market.

We are confident in our ability to install your flat roof perfectly that we offer great guarantee up to 30 years.

You will not find any other roofer in Dublin offering anywhere close to that type of warranty.

We always use the highest grade materials, we have been certified by the manufacturer’s. We are the recommended flat roof installers for the major flat roofing brands in dublin.

Flat Roofing Materials used

Choosing a flat roof can be confusing. It can be hard to know what type of flat roof materials to choose. There are many different options and everybody has their own favorites.

There is no right or wrong in flat roofing materials, there can be a best material based on budget, appearance or use case of the home owners.

Our general quick guide will show you the 5 main flat roof types including pros and cons.

Felt Roof

  • Felt Roofs – Cost effective, good results, suitable for any sized roof, generally used in domestic roofs.
  • Felt Roofs Cons – Not good for being walked on, flame used to install, not suitable for DIY installation.

Asphalt Roof

  • Asphalt Roof Pros – Affordable pricing, extremely durable, can e used on most sizes of roof, last a long time, visually appearance.
  • Asphalt Roof Cons – Very heavy which needs a strong roof substructure, not DIY friendly and Less Durable.

EPDM Rubber

  • EPDM Rubber Pros – Flexible and light, durable, doesn’t need naked flames to install, suitable for DIY, excellent water resistance fresh and salt waters.
  • EPDM Rubber Cons – Can be prone to shrinkage over time, not really suitable for complex roof designs or use around vents etc, some may think its appearance is unattractive and can be limitation and is unsatisfactory compatibility with most oils.

GRP Fiberglass

  • GRP Fibreglass Pros – Hard wearing and light, flame not required to install, very strong and resistant to being cracked or cut with a knife and are easy to repair..
  • GRP Fibreglass Cons – Not that flexible, not suitable for large areas, can be very slippery and is less costs effective.

Single Ply Membrane

  • Single Ply Membrane (PVC, TPO, TPE, PIB) Pros – Flexible, light, great appearance, resistant to fire, long lifetime, can be used on large surface areas and slopes.
  • Single Ply Membrane (PVC, TPO, TPE, PIB) Cons – For domestic use it costs are a factor, than other materials available, may not be suitable for complex roof detailing or foot traffic, damage can create holes in the rubber and insulation and this can be liable to leaks.
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