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Loose roof tiles or damaged roof tiles can have a big impact on your roof. It can lead to alot of water damage to underlay and even tears in felt. When you call the experts at Roofers Dublin, you will have the work not only done in a timely fashion but will be done to the highest standards.

Slate or ridge tile repairs are handled professionally and prompt. We deliver first quality workmanship and we will make sure to match as close as possible your existing tiles.

Our tile repair team carry out a full range of tiling work, natural tiles, slate tiles and synthetic tiles. From the replacement of one broken tile or slate tile to the replacement of a new roof.

With the many years we have been replacing and repairing roofs in Dublin, we understand the weak spots in all styles of pitch and flat roofs.

There are two common types of tile roofing systems. They are concrete tile or clay tile. Concrete tile shapes are most commonly referred to as barrel tile, large Barrel and Flat tile.

Colors and Style

Concrete Tile by:

  • Hanson
  • Monier
  • Mextile

Clay Tile by:

  • Claymex US Tile
  • Specialty/Salvaged Tile and Slate by:
  • The Roof Tile & Slate Company
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