Roof Renovation

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We supply and repair roofing materials in Dublin as required by you the customer.

For your convenience we order and repair any variation of roofing materials in any area of dublin.

When you think of home remodeling, simple projects such as the kitchen or sprucing up the interior or a good spring clean may come to mind. However bigger problems will arise and being the homeowner now, its your responsibility you know that the roof can be one of the greatest problems.

You also know when the time comes for a roof renovation, repair or replace

Knowing when to renovate

Assessing the roof alone can be a challenging task. Do you know what to look for, or what the minor signs of damage or how to spot major problems?

Get a preliminary check you can conduct on your own before calling in a professional. Inspect the ceiling and the corners of the rooms, look for any damp spots. You can also check the attic in search of any damage or excess mold or water. Looking for holes, cracked roofing tiles or slates and small cracks and places where rain might be coming in.

When you should find a roofing contractor

Get an experienced roof contractor that could save you time and money. Unless you need to replace a single slate or patch up a hole.

When working with the roofing contractor it is important as constant and clear communication is essential. You need to say straight out what your wishes are, and  the contractor will know in advance to allow time for the creation of a detailed plan, as well as the procurement of all necessary materials from the hardware merchant.

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